All the feels

When I embarked on creating the concept for a new Fragrance at Avon I knew I wanted to think a bit differently about how we approached it, drawing from trends to deliver something contemporary to inject new life into the Avon brand.

When you look at the main players in the market for Fine Fragrance the concepts and brands are awash with celebrities and imagery of unattainable lifestyles. However I’ve noticed a wave of beauty brands diving into a sensorial world that opens up freedom for the audience to interpret how the product should make them feel, rather than dictate it. These were my inspiration in developing Velvet.

While these might be considered ‘niche’ and high-end, i strong believe there’s an application from this trickling down to a mass brand like Avon. There was something here that could unlock contemporary appeal and ultimately make her feel special, sensual & proud to wear the fragrance. Our portfolio needed something to push the boundaries and debunk the myth that the mainstream customer just wants what Chanel and Dior do at a lower price. I wanted to create something that feels special, makes her feel like an individual, feel great quality on her terms while being relateable.

Velvet draws from this trend in fragrance towards sensorial, authentic storytelling. Our senses of touch and smell both draw from memories we hold dear and can be connected. Every aspect of Velvet was crafted to cue that luxurious feeling that everyone can relate to.

The bottle has a Velvet-touch cap which I was passionate about having in the design, and the beautiful scent, developed with some of the most revered and experienced fragrance experts, draws on notes of fig, rose and velvet patchouli to cue the texture – smooth, soft & rich.

The video and visual assets prioritize close-in shots and textural backdrops to further convey the feeling.

At our Representative conference I revealed Velvet on stage to 5000 of our community, and it seems to have been very well received from everyone who has experienced it so far.

Velvet is now out there and Representatives are sharing and selling this scent to their customers. The journey of crafting it prompts for me the value in challenging the norms when developing new product concepts; drawing from trends beyond the strict product category and segment you may currently operate within to mark a change that fuels a brand’s journey to contemporize and drive relevance with its audience.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and as much as I have crafting it.

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